Gear! These pictures are not accurate!

Cart Tools

  • Sound devices 688 16 track recorder with time code.
  • Sound Devices CL-12 -12 input -8 output mixer.
  • 16 channels channels of Lectrosonics wireless
  • Full microphone package-Schoeps -Sanken etc...
  • Custom- ready to roll sound cart with full communications and Hidef monitors.

Shoulder Tools

  • Sound Devices 633 portable recorder with time code and 10 tracks.  
  • Lectrosonics- wireless and comtek communications.
  • Shotgun- hyercardioid and a complete variety of boom mics.
  • Packaged and ready to go.

The bits that make it all work.

  • Time code slates and syncboxes.
  • Playback speakers 
  • Comtek client monitoring
  • EZ ups and pulse tents
  • A custom "mini sprinter" to haul it all around,

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